Do you love your rain boots so much?

I believe every gilr is dreaming of having lots of pretty shoes- dress shoes, boots, slippers…Here I wanna share with all of you how a girl loves her rubber rain boots. I am posting her articles because her love from the bottom of her heart really moved me.

I Really Do Love My Rain Boots….

When I was little (I still am in a way, I’m only 5’1″) I remember looking at Sears catalogs and dreaming of being one of the children on the colorful printed pages. Everyone seemed so happy and had a smile on their face, even on pages depicting people stuck outside in a terrible rain storm!!

When I was little and rain began to pour during my walk home from school, I remember running like crazy, dodging into front porch landings along the way! By the time I reached home, my hair was dripping wet, my glasses fogged, I was drenched and shivering cold!! Nothing at all, like the dry, happy little people on the catalog pages!

After ripping off my soggy clothes and throwing them into the bathtub, I dressed into some warm, dry clothes and picked up that Sears catalog my parents so proudly displayed on the counter. I remember one particular time, looking through the pages with water dripping down my face. After a moment I realized it was not water, but my tears!! I sat on the bathroom floor, tears streaming down onto the photos, smearing the happy little faces, no longer recognizable!!

I wanted to be one of those people in the catalog… the ones with bright yellow slickers and rubbr rain boots!!! The ones smiling as they splashed around in rain puddles, with never a care in the world! I wanted to be the one with the, brightly colored, floppy hat that kept their hair dry even though raindrops seemed to be raining cats and dogs!

But, I wasn’t one of those, “lucky, special” people who lived on those pages. I wasn’t one of those people who seemed so happy, no matter the challenge they seemed to face. BUT, I WANTED a pair of those rain boots!!!!

In our family of eight, my parents barely had enough money to keep food on the table, let alone, spend money on frivolous items like rubber rain boots!!!! So, I never did get those boots I dreamt about, and I never became one of those people in the Sears catalog!!

But, I did grow up (even though I’m still a wee 5’1″) and I DID GET my RAIN BOOTS!!! I have 44 pair of colorful, ‘make me feel happy’ rain boots!!! And, I look for new and unusual rain boots nearly everyday.

I know I will never be one of those people in the catalog, and happiness is not one dimensional. I know now, it comes from within and does not come from things we buy or accumulate.

It still feels good and stirs up a happy feeling from deep inside, when I see and more so, wear a pair of my happy little rain boots!!! Not only do they keep my feet warm and dry, they bring a smile to my face each time I look down at my feet; the child inside is finally satisfied and happy to have rubber rain boots like the ones in the catalogs!

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Who says only women like animal slippers?

If you think only women will purchase animal slippers for themselves or for their kids, you are completely out of fashion. The seller of men’s novelty slippers will never worry about selling their products. Fashion is fashion.

This cold season are leading a very colorful costumes, even with regard to fashion accessories. The same applies to shoes and animal slippers, one of the most important leaders, who are carefully selected. Men’s animal slippers have got more and more popular day by day.

With a very recognizable brand written on the sides, among the novelties of this footwear for men find designs in various finishes: metallic, leather, suede, worn, shiny . . . many animal slipprs even play with combinations. The same happens with colors: brown, gray, white and blue are the most viewed, if not the black, the king of all and most pleader. is providing various kinds of anima slippers for choosing to make your house and like more colorful.

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A good dresser can be compared to a fine artist

A good dresser, actaully, can be compared to a talented artist. An artist can paint on a canvas sneaker or bag; the good dresser has his own body as his canvas sneaker to display texture colour and fabric. The fine artist leaves a signature on his work of art; the good dresser also leaves a signature of impression on the mind of people who know him or her. Some are born with the talent to paint and draw, but mastery is attained through training and continuous practice; likewise, in dressing well, some people intuitively get it right, but we all can learn to be good at it by getting the knowledge and practicing it.

When you walk into a restaurant during office break time, you may observe a worker wearing company-branded lapel pin on a suit that is ill-fitting and faded; poorly matched tie and shirt; and unshaven facial hair, instantly you form an impression of the person and the organization he represents. Perhaps it is an organization that is not concerned with finesse of staff appearance; hence business details and customer service. So much personal and corporate information can be gathered from appearance of one person.

Even a ring on you finger and a canvas sneaker on your feet tell others who you are.

We should also realize the benefits of good appearance which includes: Getting the ‘unfair’ advantage, making a good first impression, projecting the right image, acquiring self-confidence and Earning the confidence of others.

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How to make your canvas sneakers the most unique

Do you want to customize your canvas sneaker and make them unique? As they’re your shoes, it’s up to you to make a decision on what style you would like to paint on them.

To have your own style canvas shoes, you need white canvas sneakers as they are the simplest ones to paint on. Choose a sneaker made of either leather or vinyl. A canvas sneaker may also be used but could prove to be a much trickier surface for a beginner. Unless you are familiar with the many different types of paints and how they are applied to different surfaces, steer clear of canvas for now.

Before you start painting you need a rough plan of your paint. Draw a draft picture on paper or use photoshop to draw the image. This step is vital importance.

What would be the best type of paint to use for your sneakers? Paint markers are the best choice. You can find either online or in store. Some paint marker release very weak paint and some are watery. They are not the best quality ones for your canvas sneakers. Make sure the markers you choose have the thickest consistency for the best result.

Spray paint can also be used. As they are hard to control, you’d better use them on large canvas. If you are beginner, I suggest that you use spray paint for their custom sneaker project.

Once you’ve done your masterpiece, don’t forget to show your friends and family. You can also post them online as there are thousands of people on forum everyday. Some people may even offer to buy them! I truly believe one day your work of art will be popular in market!

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You best snow boots for this winter

If you are getting ready to go skiing, you’ll need snow boots when you get there. Since it is snowy there, you’ll have to romp trough snow when you walk back to your hotel. A good pair of snow boots are necessary if you want to have a good time skiing. Today I will introduce some top snow boots for this season.

Columbia’s classis boots are definitely a “must have” in your winter wardrobe. They are cute, simple and stylish. There are a variety of colors for you to suit your taste. They’re also very light and comfortable. You won’t feel as if you drag your feet around with heavy boots.

Keen Chamonix boots are made of suede, which is extremely good to prevent moisture to go inside. Your feet will never be wet but only warm. The fashion designs and comfortable material will never disappoint you.

Salomon has the ultra-sport snow boots. Your feet will be warm and dry throughout any winter activities. Multiple layers of insulation protect your feet, and a furry lining is just the thing your feet need after a long ski day.

The last one worth taking a look is Tecina Moon snow boots. They are unbelievably lightweight. They keep your feet warm 24 hours a day. Well-insulated and snow repellent, the fit can be adjusted with their lace-up front. Their funky, stylish design is so appealing that you can’t let your hands get away from them.

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Tigers attracted by animal slippers

A girl wearing her animal slippers posted the 31-second clip on YouTube and commented: “I wore flats and my feet started hurting so I bought something squishy to help, and then this happened haha.”

In her posted vedio she stands besides the glass with her animal slippers. The big cat spots the fluffy footwear resemblings its own feet through the glass pane and starts nosing the window.

It keeps clawing at the divider to get at the shoes but eventually loses interest and wanders off.

A visitor at the zoo can be heard chuckling and someone says: “That’s awesome.”

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Tips for choosing kids rubber rain boots

If you live in a tropical area like Malaysia, raining season all along the time, and you worry about your kid’s foot from getting infected by germs while puddle-jumping, you are advised to get your children a pair of rain boots to avoid that from happen. From this article, you should know the tips of choosing the correct kids rubber rain boots for your kids.

When you are buying the kids rubber rain boots for your kids, you should choose the waterproof type to ensure it could completely protect your kid’s foot. This type of boots can protect your kid’s foot from getting wet, in this case, it may cause your kid’s foot infected by germs and it is dangerous for small children. Waterproof rain boots is the best protection for your kid’s foot, with tuck their long pants into the rain boots and they could puddle-jumping all the way.

There are many types of rain boots which is made from different material; it could be leather, rubber, sheepskin and etc. For puddle-jumping purpose, you should choose the rubber type to ensure it will not contact with puddle while your kids are wearing it. Although it may be your correct shoe size, but if you are still afraid of water flow into it, you may choose a pair of boots with an adjustable in the calf area. This is to ensure puddles are unable to flow in when you tighten the adjustable calf area.

The shape of the rubber rain boots can be unflattering to the natural shape of your kid’s foot. You can try to buy a boot that is more contoured in the foot area so that it will not bother you their foot, in addition, it will provide a comfortable journey in case he/she will walk around in all day.

There are many types of designs printed on it, those boots with cute design or rainbow color printed on it are perfect and favorite for these small boys and girls. It is versatile to be worn for any outfit; it will provide a stylist and trendy feel for those kids who are wearing it.

There is no longer an issue for parent to choose the kids rubber rain boots for their kids because this is a trend for those kids as an outfit. It also will protect your kid’s foot from germs infection. You should choose wisely which will provide a safe and comfortable feel while your kid is wearing it.

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4 Perfect Strategies to Wear Canvas Shoes

Spring is coming. It’s time to take off heavy coats and boots, what kind of footwear do you prefer?
If you have not a clear decision, make it now! Otherwise, you will find you are out of fashion when spring really comes. Let me give you some hint. Canvas sneakers will be my priority for this spring.
I choose them as my must shoes in spring for I always view them as fashion items which are the perfect combination of youthful features, fashion concepts and leisure spirits. And also canvas sneakers deliver comfy design and unintentional elegance. Especially the youth are fond of the casual life style canvas sneakers possess.
As for spring, it is the perfect time to enjoy nature to have picnic or other outdoor activities which you cannot do in cold winter. A pair of canvas sneakers not only achieves your desired goals in function but chic shoes convey your vogue taste.
Being aware of how to match them with your own outfit is as important as having pairs of stylish canvas shoes. Following ways to wear them may inspire you.
1. Wearing canvas sneakers with shorts delivers simple, sporty, natural, casual and energetic senses. If you have slim legs, such matching will increase your appeal. And if your legs are thick and short, avoid this option.
2. It is the classic matching rule to wear jeans and sneakers. There is no doubt that canvas sneakers and jeans are best friends in fashion circle. Skinny and tight jeans always shape your slim legs. When they go with slim fitting jeans, your outfit will look great. In your wardrobe, straight jeans are such items that you cannot miss. Usually, they can go with almost any shoes.
3. Matching canvas shoes with leggings is a new trend when leggings become very popular these days. It offers the image of slim legs as well as chic and casual style. When leggings meet with them, your leisure personality will reach a peak.
4. Matching them with skirts as Kristen Stewart did. She was photographed to wear canvas shoes with elegant and printing skirt. For a long time, I have not seen such style. And she reminds me of my peaceful hometown and amiable high school girls passing by my house. You cannot deny that canvas shoes and skirt bring people fresh and friendly look.

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Fashion in winter – snow boots

The weather forecast said it’s going to be windy and the temperatures will drop down a lot next week. To stay away from being sick, we need to think of how to dress ourselves nice and warm. A pair of lovely fashionable boots – snow boots would be the best choice. Winter boots have been in hot demand nowadays. There are so many different kinds of designs, such as retro, fluffy, leather, etc that we don’t know which one to choose. Don’t worry; we’ll introduce some great pairs, of which you might find your favorite. Flat snow boots with plush balls

This pair reveals a strong sense of fashion and also let you show your slender legs. Wearing a simple design like this, you can still express the true elegant temperament of a woman.

Lace flat snow boots

Black is the forever the classic color for fashion. A pair of snow boots like this can never go out of fashion. In Japan , leather boots with fluffy lace are very trendy. They match with any sweaters and coats. handsome and cool style can let you get the feel of western cowboy.

Korean buckle flat snow boots

Very eye-catching boots, the best time to wear is on the National Day! Simple European style let you become a noble. Wearing them with old jeans or vests can let you travel back to ancient times.

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They are lifes, not animal slippers

Links:animal slippers

The year of the Rabbit under the Chinese zodiac has already ends, it is really a long year, too long actually..

For while the Chinese associate rabbits with good luck, the rabbits themselves are the unluckiest of popular pets.

Rabbits are the only pet in America that we also hunt, eat and wear on a regular basis. And this honorary rabbit year led fortune seekers to breed and then abandon or kill more rabbits than ever before.

Open the Neiman Marcus catalogue and feast your eyes on page after page of products made of dead rabbits, from fur capelets to Davy Crockett-like hats. These are not animal slippers to wear, but made from real lifes. It is really something I dont want to see.When celebrating the rabbit year, people should protect more rabbit from being hurt or abandoned, instead of killing them.

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